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    Proctors, Inc.

    Proctors, Inc. provides proctoring services in accord with recommendations of the Handbook of Test Security, edited by James A. Wollack & John J. Fremer.

Meet The Owners

Scott Brush

Ohio transplant turned NYC native, since moving to the city in 1994 Scott Brush has evolved into the consummate New Yorker. Armed with a Master of Fine Arts in Communications from The University of New Orleans and a BFA in Electronic Media from The University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Scott has worked as an actor, an Off Broadway Producer, for The Fireman Hospitality Group, and he holds his New York State Real Estate License. Scott’s true passion, Proctors, Inc. developed out of a New York testing opportunity to work as an independent contractor for a National Certification Organization in 2007. Exam after exam, drawing from life experience and academic experience, Scott saw the opportunity for change within the industry. To gain experience and wisdom, keeping a home base of New York City, Scott headed out into the field administering exams across the United States. His ability to prepare and staff exams with non-affiliated proctors was the spark of necessity that created Proctors, Inc. into the thriving business it is now. Culling from his degrees and life experience as an actor, producer and manager to Chief Examiner administering and scheduling a thousand five hundred plus exams a year, Scott has developed a keen sense of what it takes to create the ultimate testing experience. With security, and confidentiality of the utmost importance Proctors, Inc. continues to diversify taking on new contracts in different genres. Scott Brush and Proctors, Inc. continue to prove this is the only company of its kind able to tailor the experience needed to have a successful test administration.

Jesse Cooper
Owner/ Vice President

Massachusetts born and now Brooklyn reborn, Jesse Cooper has called NYC home since 2000. After attending The University of Hartford for a degree in Musical Theater, Jesse toured internationally with Disney Cruise Lines from Italy to the Caribbean before settling in New York City. Through teaching, writing, and and producing theatrical readings, Jesse met Alycia Aumuller who offered to cast an Off Broadway Production of Penny 4 Eyes Rock and Roll Show. After the run of the show Jesse was hired to work at Alycia Aumuller casting. Ultimately working his way up to partner in the business Jesse cast a litany of corporate national commercial campaigns including but not limited to AT&T, AXA Financial, Budweiser, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Disney, General Mills, Ikea, Julliard, JPmorgan, Lending Tree, Nordstrom, The Partnership for a Drug Free America, The Suzie Ormon Show, Sears, Tide, United Health Care, Verizon, and Wal-Mart. Jesse found his strengths lie in connecting with and communicating with people, actors, and clients through proper preparation. During that time Scott Brush, needing a last minute replacement proctor, asked Jesse to accompany him as an assistant to a National Certification Exam, and the rest is history. After administering hundreds of exams from 2008 onward, in 2010 Jesse joined Scott in forming Proctors, Inc. as a full service Proctor agency. Jesse’s entertainment casting training and NYC experience mirrored the skills needed in sourcing coordinating and preparing Proctors for locations in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. With thousands of exams staffed and administered in the United States each year and as Proctors Inc. expands, Jesse in tandem with Scott, continue to strive for time conscious, experienced proctors no matter what the location.