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    Proctors, Inc.

    Proctors, Inc. provides proctoring services in accord with recommendations of the Handbook of Test Security, edited by James A. Wollack & John J. Fremer.

How can I be a proctor?
first step is sending your resume.

Due to the sensitivity, and security of each account, Proctors, Inc. prefers to receive resume submissions by way of e-mail or US mail. It is the most efficient way to introduce yourself as an interested applicant. Once we receive your resume we will review your work history, pre-screening for any presence of conflicts of interest that would prevent us from being able to work with you on a specific National Certification Exam.
Please email a copy of your resume to:

(Type “Proctor Applicant” in the subject line)
Proctors, Inc. may contact you for an interview.
With a variety of accounts in different career fields, conflicts of interest occur all the time. Through
interview, Proctors, Inc. will assess your abilities, your experience, and whether or not there are exams in your area.
Proctors, Inc. fundamentally at its core wants to staff each exam with the best. In this industry there are no “do-overs”. If candidates have a bad experience or if materials are compromised there is no way to rewind. For that reason it is of the utmost importance for Proctors, Inc. to find reliable responsible people who understand the importance of proper exam administration. We seek Proctors who are detail oriented with personality, professionalism, and punctuality. If you feel you possess those qualities, have reliable transportation and are interested please submit your information to be considered for a possible interview.
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!