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    Proctors, Inc.

    Proctors, Inc. provides proctoring services in accord with recommendations of the Handbook of Test Security, edited by James A. Wollack & John J. Fremer.

Proctors for Hire

From California to New York, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada, Proctors, Inc. hasstaffing solutions in every state in the US. From the deep freeze of Deadhorse Alaska, where proctors fly in the day before the exam, to the island hopper proctors of Hawaii, Proctors, Inc. will work with your organization to find solutions for all your proctor staffing needs. We have accumulated an extensive data base filled with proctors all over the country who understand the importance of exam security and we look forward to allowing them to solve all your staffing needs.

24 Hour Phone & Online support

Proctors, Inc. is a constant open line of communication once an exam is scheduled. Both clients and proctors have complete assurance that leading up to and during the test day, Proctors, Inc. is available to answer questions, or find the answers. By providing live contact, we are there to solve problems and provide solutions, making last minute changes as necessary to the exam administration.

Test Site Auditing

Proctors, Inc. has developed an extensive auditing tool for evaluating exam administrations, as well as the effectiveness of the security surrounding your exams. Whether un-announced or announced, we provide an objective view of your test day from start to finish. By having Proctors, Inc. as your third party auditor, we will illuminate areas for accountability, and offer solutions for change.

Proctor Consulting

Proctors, Inc. can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience through consultation. With a hands-on approach, Proctors, Inc. has developed a keen eye for making test days streamlined and standardized. By reviewing your testing materials and shadowing your proctors at real life exams, much will be gleaned and used to make the correct adjustments attaining the optimum testing experience.

Special Accommodations

Proctors, Inc. retains in its stock of proctors, a fleet of qualified readers available for candidates with special needs, or disabilities. As a reader for Proctors, Inc. they are not allowed nor qualified to answer questions on examination content, they are however there as an aid by reading entire exams and distractors to candidates who need such services.