​​​24/7 Support

From Proctors, Inc.’s inception customer service has been its primary focus. We believe good customer service from our company reverberates through the Proctors we send. Our customer service forward recruiting agency focuses on a seamless customer service experience. It’s something Scott Brush (President of Proctors, Inc.) and Jesse Copper (Vice President of Proctors, Inc.) bring from their days working with Disney. Disney speaks of the seamless customer service experience, meaning a smooth and consistent level of service from start to finish. At Proctors, Inc. when we say seamless experience we envision and deliver a standardized and consistent exam administration that runs smoothly from start to finish.

Over Proctors, Inc.’s 15 years of existence, we have watched colleagues and contemporaries explore automation, and outsourcing as a way to cut costs and reach a wider audience. What sounded like a simple solution has proved to be far from perfect. The quality of virtual Proctors over seas and the quality of and level of customer service from other proctoring agencies is in stark contrast to what we foster in our Proctors at Proctors, Inc.

At Proctors, Inc. we recognize the comfort our clients feel (when in contract) to be able to reach customer service in any emergency. That constant contact provides peace of mind, for our clients, that is unmatched.

Over the years Proctors, Inc. has delivered immediate responses in hurricanes, floods, fires, riots, tornadoes, snowstorms, and natural disasters where testing boxes were sent, and exam administrations were scheduled. Our constant contact allowed us to safely navigate each situation preventing test day cancellations. A Proctors, Inc. Proctor will have a direct line of communication to Proctors, Inc. from the second they accept the job to the minute they conclude the exam administration process. Because our Proctors have a direct line of contact, we can then immediately inform the client, we are representing, to be sure we are making (in the moment) decisions they want. By keeping the client involved in on-site decision making, we guarantee happy clients. At Proctors, Inc. we don’t want to make choices that are not in alignment with the client, who hired us. This was especially relevant in the customer service Proctors, Inc. provided during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our open line of communication to handle infected candidates, Proctors, and the rescheduling of locations in a moment’s notice, (closed/contaminated spaces), provided our clients the pliancy to make decisive moves that allowed Proctors, Inc. to continue testing through the pandemic and avert test day cancellations.

Having constant contact, including a Proctors, Inc. pretest follow up call before test day, is what separates us from other testing services. When you hire a Proctor from Proctors, Inc. you get the entire team working on your project which paves the way to a successful exam administration.

Customer service issues include but are not limited to:

  • Time Changes
  • Location Changes
  • Weather issues and or cancellations
  • Late add candidates
  • Changes in exam administration
  • Updates to exam procedures
  • Candidates with no ID
  • Noise and lighting issues at the testing location
  • Behavioral issues
  • Exam content issues
  • Cheating
  • Candidate questions not covered in the exam manual

Proctors, Inc. is available 24/7 to recruit a Proctor for you. Regardless of your time zone, we will be an open line of communication making sure a contract is executed between you, Proctors, Inc., and your Proctor. We will find you a Proctor and be a consistent line of communication from the initial hiring process until the project is finished. Both client and Proctor have complete assurance that Proctors, Inc. will be dialed in and available.