company history and time line

“Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.” — Tony Robbins

Over 15 years ago before the concept of on demand Proctors existed, the only place that seemed remotely cooperative with the idea of providing a Proctor for an exam was a local library. There were brick and mortar testing companies, brick and mortar testing centers, general hiring agencies who knew nothing about what a Proctor was, but there was no service specializing in just Proctors for exam administrations.

Jesse Cooper and Scott Brush, after assessing and amassing years of experience in proctoring high-stakes certification exams in person, saw an opportunity. They understood the demand for live in-person Proctors, and opened a nationwide company that provides access to this network of Proctors that Proctors, Inc. has accumulated. This gap in the field was the catalyst to create a boutique recruiting agency specializing in just Proctors.

What would that type of service look like and how would it operate? Mr. Brush crafted a system of hiring procedures and Mr. Cooper spent the time needed to recruit and maintain Proctors nationwide, and soon after in Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

This streamlined and specialized service became the quickest way to ensure a qualified, and prepared Proctor would be available to administer an exam anywhere at anytime. It eliminated the carbon footprint of hotel, flight, and travel time. Instead, Proctors, Inc. sends a local Proctor to provide the exam administration safely and securely.

Over the years Proctors, Inc. has continued to gather contacts, throughout the nation, to be prepared to staff your exam in a moment’s notice.

As Proctoring, as a service, continues to evolve into the ever-changing landscape of certification testing in all its forms, we at Proctors, Inc. stay abreast of the current trends in testing procedures and policies, providing you with dependable nationwide coverage.

While much has changed in the academic and testing spaces since the pandemic, at Proctors, Inc. we continually maintain the same level of commitment and consistent customer service we have become known for.

To provide the full spectrum of testing services, Proctors, Inc. has partnered with computer rental companies to provide computers delivered on demand for computer-based administrations anywhere/anytime nationwide. This added service provides options by offering a Mobile Computer Lab with a live in-person Proctor. Proctors, Inc. takes the best of both worlds, combining the customer service minded live in-person Proctor and the security and efficiency of a computer-based administration and brings it straight to you.

Company History

2007 NYC- On site construction accidents become so prevalent that certification is called into question. Mr. Brush and Mr. Cooper proctor their first International Assessment Institute Exam Administration in NYC.

2008 Mr. Brush accepts a Proctor hiring position with International Assessment Institute. He becomes the hiring agent solely hiring and managing all Proctors for International Assessment Institute.

2009 Mr. Brush and Mr. Cooper recruit a data base of Proctors for hire nationwide. Proctors, Inc. is incorporated.

2010 Mr. Brush and Mr. Cooper accumulate a portfolio of testing organization spanning a variety of high-stakes job certifications.

2011-2019 Proctors, Inc builds a reputation for excellence through the volume of exam administrations staffed surpassing 100,000 exams administered and over 5000 Proctors recruited.

2020 Proctors, Inc. expands from NYC to Florida and safely navigates the pandemic. Covid-19 shutters brick and mortar computer-based testing centers as Proctors, Inc. pivots assisting testing organizations in coverage for Covid-19 infected Proctors and testing environments.

2023 Proctors, Inc. continues providing Proctors for paper/pencil exam administrations and begins computer rentals for on demand/delivered Mobile Computer Labs for computer-based exam administrations. Now Proctors, Inc. provides live in-person Proctors for paper/pencil exam administrations as well as live in-person Proctors coupled with computer-based technology for all computer-based exam administrations.