What is a Proctor?

A person whose job it is to watch people taking an important test in order to check that they do not cheat.

An official charged with various duties, especially with the maintenance of good order.

To supervise or monitor

At Proctors, Inc. we stretch that simple and concise definition of what a Proctor is to encompass a much broader description.

We feel a Proctor is someone who possesses the ability to represent any organization, or educational institution with poise and confidence, being that they are the last point of contact before certification. The Proctor represents the very core of the company they are administering exams for and yet they are independently hired making only a brief appearance but a large impact. As a third party, the Proctor must have previous experience and be impartial and fair. A qualified and successful Proctor prepares by immersing themselves in the information, steps, procedures, and protocols, with consistency being key, before administering any exam. That preparation equips the Proctor with the keys needed to provide a seamless experience and consistent customer service from the point of recruitment to the minute the computers are turned off, or the exam books are sealed back in their box and returned in the mail. Our definition of a Proctor is a leader who always listens and consistently retains an awareness of the room. A good Proctor provides a level of trust and security to the clients scheduling the exam as well as to the candidates seeking certification, which in turn provides confidence in the process. A Proctor is a person who possesses the ability to direct candidates efficiently and who can handle pressure and unexpected situations in the testing room with grace and professionalism. A Proctor understands the fine balance of providing an environment filled with empathy and understanding and at the same time is the essence of structure with exam security always in the forefront of their mind. A proficient Proctor is well rounded, possesses testing room experience, and the ethics to ensure a fair and balanced experience to all. As Proctors, Inc. grows, the definition of Proctor continues to evolve racing alongside faster computers, cutting edge technology, and new systems of exam delivery. One thing that never changes, no matter how you take an exam, is that for that exam administration to be considered secured and standardized it MUST HAVE A PROCTOR