​Pandemic Survival

As computer-based centers shuttered during the pandemic, Proctors, Inc. navigated the unpredictable and uncharted waters of keeping candidates and Proctors safe, while still administering exams to candidates in essential services, throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, brick and mortar test sites with large numbers of candidates, from different industries, made testing at the communal location, dangerous and sometimes ripe with infection. As the pandemic dragged on these brick-and-mortars became inundated with Covid-19 and would be forced to temporarily shut down prior to test day, or worse, stayed open and exposed candidates to infection, requiring them to quarantine.

Proctors, Inc. navigated the pandemic by sending the Proctor directly to businesses and locations that were free of infections and where the candidates already were, limiting their exposure to unfamiliar places and faces. This contained footprint and limited exposure, to Covid-19, allowed Proctors, Inc. to continue staffing exams safely and securely. Proctors, Inc. provides Proctors, (masked and socially distanced if needed) and cleaned equipment sent directly to your location.

Proctors, Inc. tailors each exam as a unique experience. The type of computers, equipment, and live in-person Proctor to administer your exam makes Proctors, Inc. a one stop shop for the full spectrum of your testing needs and requirements.

Proctors, Inc. offers choices to provide the right equipment for the best administration. Touch screens, as well as tablets or laptops with a range of screen sizes coupled with live in-person qualified Proctors nationwide, extends you the ability to test anytime and anywhere in the US.

With delivery of computers, directly to your location, and with a prepaid return label included, your own Mobile Computer Lab is just a phone call away. All shipping and travel expenses are covered and included in the quote.

At locations where online is not an option, we pride ourselves on having live in-person Proctors available across the US to handle paper/pencil test administrations or emergencies and or extenuating circumstances. This full spectrum coverage provides you the ability to have proctoring solutions for all your needs, no matter how small. Proctors, Inc. will send a Mobile Computer Lab for one candidate or 100 candidates. There are no minimums or limits.