12 Apr 2023

What does it mean to hire a live in person proctor?

With automation and outsourcing becoming standard operating procedure, for many companies these days, Proctors, Inc. does not outsource and is proud to provide the same 24/7 in house consistent customer service it always has, for the last 15 years. With Mobile Computer Labs for rent, we have evolved to meet our clients’ demands, without needing to outsource to a third party who doesn’t understand the importance of good customer service.

Proctors, Inc. sends real in person Proctors directly to you, not computer links to a Proctor in another country, and does not make you travel to a specific location to take an exam. Our network of Proctors is located nationwide, and we send the Proctors directly to you. We DO NOT outsource customer service. We DO NOT outsource payment of the proctors and most importantly we DO NOT outsource the Proctors. Your Proctor is local to you and will be available throughout the process of booking to administering the exams via computer or paper/pencil.

Irrespective of which modality you choose, when you hire Proctors, Inc. you are assigned a contract manager who is ALWAYS available to provide live customer service. You never know when a situation may arise, from weather issues, to shipping issues, location issues, changes of venue, exam instruction updates, added candidates, id verification, etc., where having instantaneous support from Proctors, Inc. is what guarantees your administration will run smoothly and sets us apart from the rest.

Our Proctors are seasoned professionals who work professionally as Proctors, teachers , administrators, librarians, and notaries, all with clean records and skill sets that align to provide a live Proctor who can deliver a successful test administration and the necessary security to keep your exam content safe.

When Proctors, Inc. Proctors are on location (at your test site), they have direct contact to live customer support to immediately answer questions and handle any situations that arise. This ensures consistency, and customer/candidate satisfaction every time. Most importantly, you are guaranteed a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that’s just a phone call away.

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