12 Apr 2023

Special Accommodations 

Proctors, Inc. is equipped to offer accommodations to the full spectrum of candidates who need certification. Since Proctors, Inc.’s inception, they have been passionate about making the test taking process enjoyable and accessible to everyone. With the proper documentation, and direction before the exam administration, Proctors, Inc. prides itself on an inclusive environment for all.

Proctors, Inc. provides readers and special accommodations Proctors upon request. The need for a reader for an exam is always contingent upon the specific needs of the candidate testing. At Proctors, Inc., we tailor the experience to ensure the candidate is given the equal playing field they deserve, in their attempt at certification . Whether it’s assistance with comprehension, or candidates who need the entire exam read to them verbatim, Proctors, Inc. works with each candidate personally, to ensure fairness and accessibility for all and that their specific needs are met at the administration.

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