20 Apr 2023

Could taking your exam in paper/pencil format give you a better score???

The article attached seems to state so. This article highlights the discussion that continues throughout the testing community. Is computer-based testing the way of the future or is it something that should be offered in tandem with a paper/pencil option? Do candidates score better with one versus the other? Are there candidates that genuinely test better using a pencil, scratch paper and scantron?

There are obviously pros and cons to both formats and the idea of getting everything on to a computer sounds quite simple. Only time will tell, and as some shy from social media, and have phone/media free meals and phone/media free vacations will there be a return to what is considered an old-fashioned method of delivery, paper/pencil testing?

It becomes an ethical question, is it more appropriate to offer both formats in the eyes of fairness with the concept that some work better in paper/pencil versus computer-based? Or is it acceptable to assume everyone will eventually evolve and perform better in computer-based exam administrations because it’s the way of the future?

At Proctors, Inc. we see this as a burgeoning issue that is slowly starting to bubble as exam administrations continue to migrate online and the cause and effects unfold. What are your thoughts?

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