20 Apr 2023

Texas Kids request the return of paper/pencil exams!

As testing organization’s certification bodies and educational institutions continue the monumental task of migrating to computer-based testing, the future is constantly evolving and is also unproven and unpredictable. Computer-based testing as the only modality of delivery lacks long term studies regarding efficacy. In the attempt to migrate to computer-based exam administrations, the switch alone creates its own obstacles. The assumption that technology of the future will be a one size fits all is not as easy to embrace as it sounds. Issues regarding the contrast of computer-based exam administrations versus paper/pencil exam administrations is not simply defined as, one is superior to the other. Both modalities have their strengths and weaknesses. We have attached the link to this recent article from March 2023 regarding the effects of computer-based exam administrations on students and the ramifications of eliminating paper/pencil exam administrations without first examining what the possible disadvantages could be.

Once scantron grading systems are destroyed and the realization sets in that they are still needed, it’s like throwing your key to the safe down the trash chute. It leaves the testing organization in a precarious position trying to recreate a discarded model that has regained popularity and becomes in demand again. It’s an interesting conundrum that is playing out in real time as these students in Texas grapple with the law and how it affects the testing process, as it relates to the STAAR exam.

The article highlights the need for more thorough research to be done over an extended period, to be able to better understand the effects and advantages and disadvantages of computer-based testing as the only option, before a one size fits all decision is made.

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