What does a Proctor wear?

Proctors, Inc. sends Proctors dressed “Business Smart”. When we use that term, we are referring to attire that is not too dressy yet is formal enough to demand respect from the candidates taking the exam. For that reason, we ask that Proctors refrain from wearing ripped jeans, or any attire that would be considered casual. We also test in locations that require closed toed shoes, and long pants. Before each job a Proctors, Inc. representative will inform the Proctor of the dress code requirements for the specific location they are assigned to.

How long are test days?

Test days are contingent upon the client’s request. At Proctors, Inc. there are no limits to the length of day. We will schedule Proctors according to the needs of the client.

Do you test at night and on weekends?

We test whenever the client needs an exam administration. With an array of different needs from our clients (Universities, power plants and automobile manufacturers to name a few) the time and day are never an issue. Once we receive a request, we will schedule it.

How is a Proctor paid?

Once Proctors, Inc. has received payment for a scheduled exam administration, we recruit the Proctor. Upon completion of the job the Proctor is paid by Proctors, Inc. with the payment of their choice. Payment options include Apple Pay, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Direct Deposit/BILL, or Check.

What are the qualifications needed to be a Proctor.

A qualified candidate is someone with Proctor experience, preferably a degree, and or qualities that align with being a professional Proctor. We look for Proctors with clean backgrounds and no violence or felonies. Proctors must be comfortable speaking in front of groups of people and have an attention to security and details. Proctors should possess a self management style and be always punctual.