Proctors for Hire

Once you contact Proctors, Inc., one of our representatives will work with you to first understand the type of Proctor you are looking for. It’s a common assumption that every exam administration is the same, that you just plug a Proctor in, give them a script and that they are good to go. That’s not how it works with us. Proctors, Inc. is dramatically different than other exam “Proctors for hire” companies. We take the time to find the person that tailor fits your exam administration. That is where we find our success. Proctors, Inc. also takes the time, once you have given us the specifications of your job, to reach out through our database and/or even recruit a new Proctor through the interview process to make sure that we have a good fit.

Hiring a local Proctor is the most cost effective and efficient way to have a professional who has a current job and great resume, that can take time out of their schedule, to administer your exam.

After a brief discussion, where Proctors, Inc. can understand the scope of work regarding; the length of day, the testing requirements, the type of delivery of exam questions and materials, the number of people and location, Proctors, Inc. will recruit your proctor for you. We will ensure they are prepared and make sure we are available should any issues arise throughout the day of the exam administration. Once the exam administration is completed, we assist with end of test day procedures. As soon as your exams are secured and, on their way back to you, we process payment for the Proctors, so everything is taken care of from the second you give us a request to the minute the exam administration is completed.