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Experts in Professional Proctor Recruiting

Proctors, Inc.

Proctors, Inc. recruits professional proctors who provide proctoring services in accord with
recommendations of the Handbook of Test Security, edited by James A. Wollack & John J. Fremer.

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Celebrating 12 years of recruiting professional proctors nationwide!


Professional Proctors

From California to New York, Guam and Puerto Rico, Proctors, Inc. can connect you with professional Proctors in every state in the US.

Test Site

Proctors, Inc. can connect you with experienced auditors who will evaluate the efficiency and security of your Certification Exams.


Proctors, Inc. can provide Proctors who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the testing industry.With a hands-on approach

24Hour OnlineSupport

Once we have connected you with your Professional Proctor, we are available to answer any questions
you might have 24/7.

Who We Are

Being the only agency of its kind, We pride ourselves on the ability to connect you with in-person professional proctors for all your test administration needs. Based upon your location, requirements and specifications, Proctors, Inc. will find Proctors for you regardless of where you are in the US, Guam, Canada or Puerto Rico.

What Our Proctors Are Saying

“As a proctor for Proctors, Inc., I know that the administration of an exam will be performed in an efficient and professional manner, resulting in a smooth and seamless transaction for all involved. Proctor’s Inc. pays attention to the smallest of details and anticipates the needs of the client, resulting in very happy clients.”Beryl (San Francisco, CA)
“I have been proctoring exams for a few years. I most enjoy working with Proctor’s Inc. because of their attention to detail which makes the exam day go very smoothly. I find the work very rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to meet a variety of different people. Also, I find that there is a high level of respect between Proctor’s Inc., the clients, the candidates and myself. I appreciate that level of professionalism and believe it adds to the success of everyone involved.”Christine (Charlotte, NC)
“By being relied upon to administer exams for Proctor, Inc. , I feel a great satisfaction in that I have in a small way assisted other professionals to achieve some of their own business goals and their accomplishments of a further educationDick (Central, OH)
“Having experience in proctoring tests on several different platforms over the last 10 years, I have come to trust that the 24 hour support available from Proctors, Inc. will always help me provide professional service to the client.”Scott (Western PA)
“I have truly enjoyed my experience as an independent contractor/proctor for Proctors, Inc. The staff provides all of the materials and training I need to be successful in this field. The rare times I needed additional assistance have been met with timely and assuring instructions from Proctors, Inc. staff members. So that makes my job of maintaining a quiet and safe testing environment much easier. It’s also great to know that we are well appreciated by the clients and customers we serve.”Scott (Boise, ID)
“Giving exams through Proctors, Inc. is an opportunity to help people achieve their goals and it is fulfilling to be a part of that process.”Al (Dallas, Texas)
“As a Chief Examiner for Proctor’s Inc., I appreciate the seamless communication I am afforded with the internal team from the field. My job is made easy because of your meticulous attention to detail that assures all materials, location details and test site coordinator contact information are in order well before test day. This allows a stress free test day for me as well as the candidates. Thanks and keep up the good work”Jamie (Los Angeles, CA)
“It is a pleasure to work as a proctor for Scott Brush. I have administered many exams for him over the last two years. All the candidates and test site coordinators have been professional and courteous. I look forward to proctoring more exams for Proctors, Inc.”Julie Fain (Lexington, KY)

Featured Testimonials

I’ve recommended Proctors, Inc. to my clients and their performance has been excellent. Their proctors are well vetted and can be counted on for closely following instructions and for quality proctoring.”

Wallace Judd, Ph.D.President, Authentic Testing Corp.

More About Us

  • As experts in recruiting, Proctors, Inc. brings the experience of connecting professional proctors with clients for thousands of paper pencil exams.
  • That expertise ensures the wisdom and knowledge to provide the ultimate experience for candidates taking their exams.
  • We pride ourselves on finding professional proctors who adhere to good testing practices and have the ability to see the opportunity for change, and use their individual process to implement that change when they see the need.
  • Proctors, Inc. ensures the proctors we connect you with hold security and efficiency as core principals and they come with individual approaches at a streamlined standard testing process.