Exams and certification are not the only spaces where a Proctor is needed. Since Proctors, Inc. opened its doors, we have provided law firms with Proctors for clarity in litigation. When litigation reaches the point where a Proctor is required, we have you covered. When certification is called in to question, and further proof is needed to authenticate a certification exam, or recertification exam, we have an experienced Proctor available for you.

Proctors, Inc recruits Proctors for law firms, independent attorneys, and court ordered exam administrations. At Proctors, Inc. we understand the sensitivity and timely nature of those needs and can supply a Proctor quickly and with confidence.

In such critical circumstances there is no room for error. There is no place for unprofessional exposure in such a high-stakes environment. At Proctors, Inc. we understand what it means to only have one opportunity to get it right. We also understand the amount of preparation it takes to participate in a successful high-stakes exam administration for legal purposes.

We send professionally dressed, third-party Proctors who are prepared, and retain direct contact with Proctors, Inc. to ensure a seamless and quality experience. In such high-stakes circumstances, it is imperative, that the Proctor diligently work to make sure that all the steps and procedures are followed. That passion translates to test results that are accurate, which ensures they can be effectively used as evidence.

Proctors, Inc. understands the levity of such circumstances and works together with our Proctors to guarantee quality results validating legitimacy and accuracy of exam procedures.