Computer rental

Proctors, Inc. has responded to the demand. We now rent computers! Proctors, Inc. is offering both Proctors and computers for computer-based exam administrations nationwide. Proctors, Inc. has partnered with computer rental companies to provide an array of choices to tailor an order to fill your need.

When you book your Proctor with Proctors, Inc. make sure to clarify if it’s a paper/pencil or computer-based exam administration. Once you inform us of the type of Proctor needed, make sure to request a Mobile Computer Lab for delivery, if your exam administration is not paper/pencil based.

When booking a Mobile Computer Lab for delivery, please be prepared with your specifications. When talking to a Proctors, Inc. representative, make sure to outline your needs so Proctors, Inc. can work in concert with their computer providers to make sure you have the most effective computers and equipment possible.

Computer rentals are for a full seven days. This allows the candidates to experiment and acclimate to the computer before they take the actual exam. The computers are shipped discreetly and are provided with return shipping labels to make the return process as simple as possible.

All computers are fully insured. You use them and send them back, we take care of the rest. No updating, cleaning, or maintaining. This allows you the freedom to hold exam administrations anywhere there is Wi-Fi (with the bandwidth needed) to accommodate your computer needs.

Options for up charges on computer rentals are available including touch screen, larger screen sizes and preloading browsers, company logos and software. also fix the space between the image and the title

When renting a Mobile Computer Lab from Proctors, Inc. you get the peace of mind in knowing that you will have customer support during the exam administration, not just for the proctor, but for the computers as well.

Live in-person Proctors in the room, ensures the safest and most effective computer-based exam administrations. When you hire a Proctors, Inc. Mobile Computer Lab, we are the one stop Proctor shop. It means not investing in technology that will be outdated before your computers are. It also alleviates the issue of storage and theft. Let us keep you ahead of the curve and help you stay competitive in your industry.