A paper/pencil exam administration refers to a general group of assessment tools in which candidates read questions and respond in writing. While considered antiquated, more and more studies are showing the efficacy of retaining this model as one of the options to attain certification.

Paper/pencil exam administrations can be used to assess subject/course, job-related knowledge and ability or skill.

Due to its scalability, paper/pencil allows the ability for many candidates to be assessed at the same time making paper/pencil tests an efficient method of examining a large group.

In paper/pencil testing the three most widely used formats are:

A multiple-choice response format, provides a large number of different topic areas to be covered within the same test and the questions are easy to score. However, because all potential answers must be chosen by the candidates seeking certification, it is time-consuming to write good questions.

2. Short answer

With a short answer response format, a large number of different topic areas can be covered within the same test and these questions are easy to score. In addition, less time is required to write these questions compared to multiple-choice ones.

3. Essay

With an essay response format, only a few topic areas can be covered due to the amount of time it takes to answer questions; however, the content can be covered in greater detail.

Advantages of Paper/Pencil Testing
  • Many different topic areas can be covered within the same test.
  • The questions are easy to score.
  • Paper/pencil exams are easily portable and can be used in any setting.
  • It is manual in nature i.e., you don’t need electricity, WIFI or batteries to use paper/pencil exams.
  • You don’t need any computer skills to take a paper/pencil exam.
  • It is very flexible and inexpensive to set up.

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