A computer-based test (CBT), also known as a computer-based assessment is a method of administering tests in which the responses are electronically recorded, assessed, or both. As the name implies, computer-based assessments make use of computers or handheld computers to deliver the assessment. Computer-based assessments enable educators and trainers to deliver, and score quizzes, tests and exams and score the results rapidly. There currently is strong interest in CBT but as more research continues some negative advocates have identified many positive merits including efficient administrations, immediate results, and CBT also allows new ways of assessing students that move beyond the traditional multiple choice and constructed response items. For example, innovative assessments are now being developed that enable students to manipulate data and role play. However, as more experience and information are gleaned from the CBT format there are definite hurdles that must be addressed to make it a one stop choice for all. Not all students can use the computer very well and CBT doesn’t give teachers the options to see the test takers line of thinking to find their answer. Lastly testing online is not suitable for essay writing and analysis or cognitive thinking examinations.

Advantages of Computer-Based Testing
  • It gives you instant feedback, unlike paper/pencil examinations in a traditional classroom learning session.
  • Teachers can distribute multiple versions of the exams and assignments without having to manually monitor which students received which tests.
  • Teachers can mix and match the question styles on exams, including graphics and make them more interactive than paper/pencil exams.
  • Cost of Packaging, shipping and return of booklets and answer sheets to testing locations is saved.

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