20 Apr 2023

Touch screen or mouse? Is there an advantage to touch screen computer rental? 

It’s rare to find a human being without experience using a computer these days. However, just because someone has experience using a computer, does not mean they are experienced at using a computer.

When renting computers with Proctors, Inc. the option is available (for an up charge) to rent touch screen computers for your exam administrations.

Proctors, Inc. has added touch screens to its rental offerings to continue to provide the full spectrum of options to suite your needs in the computer-based testing arena. While there are benefits/ advantages there are also drawbacks/disadvantages to take into consideration when building your Mobile Computer Lab.

Benefits/Advantages of Touch Screen Computer Rental

-Touch screen is user friendly for a new or inexperienced test taker to learn and operate.

-Touch screen eliminates the need of the mouse or external devices.

-Touch screen is self explanatory and does not require the coordination of using a mouse to operate the computer.

-Touch screen allows for quick and efficient selection of menu options.

Drawbacks/Disadvantages of Touch Screen Interface

-The precision of use depends on the size of the icons. When icons are very small, it can become difficult for the candidate to activate the same icon with large fingers vs using a mouse.

-Touch screens used by candidates with large Hands and fingers often obscure the screen information while selecting the desired options.

-Battery operated touch screen devices consume more power making them require back up power.

-Touch screens can be difficult to operate by visually impaired candidates. They can interact based on tactile or braille input.

-With touch screens being a very sensitive interface it’s possible the screen can also be activated accidentally due to stray touches.

There really is no right answer. When deciding on the type of computer rentals for your exam administration, your candidates will dictate the best choice. When you rent with Proctors, Inc. we are equipped to respond to feedback if you need to migrate from one to the other. At Proctors, Inc. we truly believe that with the essential, and custom selected equipment, you build the foundation for a successful exam administration and satisfied candidate.

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