20 Apr 2023

Paper/Pencil Testing Continues-Why are all exams not on computers? 

It’s a common misconception that all exams are being delivered on computers and that paper/pencil doesn’t exist. Paper/pencil testing is still around and, believe it or not, very successful when used in specific applications. There have been recent studies showing that some candidates score better on paper/pencil exams. Because stress is a major factor when taking an exam, paper/pencil affords the candidates the opportunity to flip back and forth between test questions and use their limited time as needed, before answering a question. Candidates also like the feel of a paper/pencil exam, giving them more (perceived) control over their testing environment. When a qualified Proctor works in concert with a certified testing organization (with control of exam content) it is the safest delivery period. Proctors, Inc. still sends Proctors who administer paper/pencil exams on a weekly basis. While computer testing is the way of the future, that doesn’t mean that paper/pencil testing is a thing of the past. There are several different applications for paper/pencil testing that make it necessary for certain organizations and educational institutions to keep the format. Below are some examples of paper/pencil testing currently still in use:

1 Restricted and High Security Locations

Paper/pencil exam administrations provide a modality of delivery that is necessary in locations with high security such as nuclear power plants, government buildings, and military bases. Such locations do not allow outside computers to be brought on site. This makes paper/pencil the most effective way to deliver a test administration to workers on location.

2 Special Accommodations Exam Administrations

     Some candidates, through special request and accommodations, require paper/pencil delivery.  Having a reader, and exam booklet in hand, provides a more effective approach to candidates with special needs. 

3 Requests for Paper/Pencil Exam Delivery.

Some candidates prefer the ability to hold the exam and go at their own pace with the pliancy to flip back-and-forth through test questions as they please. Versus being on cue and forced to continue moving forward once a test question has been answered.

4 Paper/Pencil exams needed when used as a component to a full exam day.

To ensure no cheating, and that a candidate does not have a specific unfair advantage, some exam administrations, and some organizations prefer to break up their testing into three different sections, a computer-based section, a paper/pencil section, and an interview section.

5 Single Administration Exams for Attorneys

When a defendant’s certification is called into question a third-party Proctor is needed to administer/witness the exam. In some cases, the exam is not formatted for computer and must be provided in paper/pencil. Either way, Proctors, Inc. has you covered.

At Proctors, Inc. we recruit and retain Proctors in our data base that are versatile with the confidence to handle both paper/pencil and computer-based exam administrations. By having a choice, it allows you the ability to make the best decisions for your candidates. Moreover, if you are building a certification program from scratch, Proctors, Inc. is available to help guide you in the direction that best fits your needs, for a successful certification program.

When contracting a Proctor from Proctors, Inc. simply specify paper/pencil or computer-based and we will take care of the rest.

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