If you are a U.S. citizen, whether you were born in the United States or naturalized, it means you can be a Proctor for hire at Proctors, Inc. This is the first screening requirement to be considered at our recruiting agency. To work in the US for Proctors, Inc., you must be an English-speaking legal resident of the United States with a clean background and carry yourself as a business professional.

An articulate and polite Proctor is essential in ensuring a positive experience for the test taker on exam day. Since all exams are in-person, Proctors, Inc. exams require an in-person Proctor. We want Proctors with polish and who can respond to the candidates in a productive and professional manner. This means recruiting a Proctor who has an available schedule and is qualified. We recruit locally (within a 60 mile radius of the exam administration) and ensure the Proctor can work legally. We do not zoom or hook you into virtual online Proctors, while we could, we still send a live in-person Proctor. This ensures you, that as the client, you will not have your exam administration or customer service outsourced to a virtual Proctor in a foreign country.