Proctors Made in the USA

To work in the US for Proctors, Inc., you must be an English-speaking legal resident of the United States with a clean background and carry yourself as a business Professional. Proctors, Inc. does all proctoring in person. We do not zoom or online Proctor and/or outsource to another country. You can guarantee when hiring from Proctors, Inc. you are getting a professional Proctor who will be an extension of your company when on site.

Proctors for Paper/Pencil Exam Administrations

We have Proctors for paper/pencil exam administrations. Whether multiple choice/scantron examinations, or essay style written exams we send prepared Proctors with security and impeccable customer service in mind.

Proctors for Computer Based Exam Administrations

We have Proctors for hire for Computer based exam administrations. You do not have to rent computers from Proctors, Inc. to have a Proctor (from Proctors, Inc.) administer an exam on your computers. If you already have computers and only need a Proctor, you can hire the services independently.

Proctors for Attorneys

Proctors, Inc. recruits Proctors for attorneys. When situations arise when a client’s certification is called into question and they need to be tested in a variety of different situations, we have a Proctor. We send professionally dressed third party Proctors who can guarantee and validate the legitimacy and accuracy of your exam administrations, for legal purposes.

Test Site Auditing

Proctors, Inc. can connect you with Professional Test Site Auditors who have developed extensive auditing tools for evaluating exam administrations, as well as the effectiveness of the security surrounding your exams. Whether un-announced or announced, our Auditors provide an objective view of your test day from start to finish. By having Proctors, Inc. connect you with your third-party Auditor, they will illuminate areas for accountability, and offer solutions for change.

24/7 support

Proctors, Inc. is available 24/7 to recruit a Proctor for you. Regardless of your time zone, we will be an open line of communication making sure a contract is executed between you, Proctors, Inc., and your Proctor. Both clients and Proctors have complete assurance that we have everyone’s needs in mind.